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Traditional Headdresses are worn by Haudenosaunee men during Longhouse ceremonies. Each of the Six Nations of the Confederacy has a difference in the amount and the placement of the eagle feathers on top.
The one pictured here is a Mohawk Headdress.
Ken will create your traditional Iroquoian style headdress with Barred Turkey Feathers and simulated Eagle feathers on top. Deer hide is used for wrapping and the base is black ash splint. You may replace the simulated Eagle feathers with your own real feathers.
When ordering your headdress please indicate your nation, head size and shape (round or oval).

Visit our store:  http://wampumshop.startlogic.com/store

Mohawks have three feathers on top standing straight up.
Oneida has 3 feathers on top. Two up and one down.
Onondaga has 2 feathers standing straight up.
Cayuga has one feather, tilted slightly back.
Seneca has one feather, standing straight up.
Tuscarora has no Eagle feathers on top.

If you wish to order a Gahsdo:wah please make sure to send your head measurements and general shape of head. ie. round or more oval shaped. Visit our product gallery to order your headdress.   

Product Gallery:   http://wampumshop.startlogic.com/store